01. Garment

A redefining of luxury clothing, footwear and accessories that places talent before trend; thoughtful craftsmanship before quick fix fashion. Elevated offerings come from the mainline visionaries of Balenciaga, Comme Des Garçons, Loewe and their kindred spirits.

We push forward with true artisans and uncompromising new creatives, such as MA+, Guidi and Devoa. At the same time, we remain grounded by a meaningful selection of ethical products from John Alexander Skelton, Petrucha Studio and Story MFG.

02. Communication

Culture at its best expands our horizons and broadens our minds at Leisure Center, we take a meditative approach to the media we consume and the mindfulness we aspire to. Alongside dedicated meditation events, we curate books and music that are more than mere add ons they’re essential to the lives we live. For example, we don’t believe that ‘background’ music is meaningless that's why we’re working with Jonny Nash (Melody As Truth) and Vancouver’s thriving, boundary pushing music scene on specially commissioned original store soundtracks. Our book selection comes from world renowned dealer Donlon Books, who brings a tangible, subversive offering of new and rare publications. Our dedicated seminar space is an intimate setting for bringing our culture to life. It is a space for announcing and sharing the forward thinking ideas that resonate with our ethos.

03. Environment

Put simply, Leisure Center is the world we want to live in, and this extends to the interiors, art and technology we surround ourselves with: custom built vintage audio system, vintage Klipsch speakers; art installations curated by Professor Patrick Andersson; furniture from Finn Juhl and Christien Meindertsma. At its best, new technology can elevate and nourish our natural surroundings. We seek out the cutting edge products and developments that do just that.

Our offering is the opposite of aloof: it is about a 360 degree, relatable experience that brings people closer to the soul and skill behind the items they cherish.

04. Nourishment

The things that are necessary for growth and good health, rebuilding our relationship between human needs and nature’s essence. This is encapsulated in our wellbeing bar from The Alchemist’s Kitchen, - the first outpost outside of their New York home.

It offers a celebration of the power of plants via a contemporary, evolving selection of tonics and a botanical dispensary. Beyond foodstuff, there sits a curated range of cutting-edge home appliances, as well as a natural beauty & cosmetics selection that includes products from the likes of Haeckels and La Bruket.

05. Service

We believe that real service is built on thoughtful, considered service and the building of human relationships that don’t end at the store front. Our uncompromising VIP pods encapsulate this approach. In contrast, our “Kids Office” is a truly fun place that goes against the over serious trappings of most luxury environments. Life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.

First and foremost Leisure Center is about offering an experience: of how we might ideally spend our leisure time if we stepped away from digital distraction and into meaningful interactions.